Flower Care

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If you treat your flowers well they will last longer for you! Just a few simple steps will enhance their vase life.


If your design is in an aqua-pack (a bubble of water) there is no need to do anything with your flowers, they will last up to a week as long as you top them up with water every few days. Otherwise if you remove them from the aquapack, re-cut the stems and put them in water with flower food they are likely to last up to 2 weeks.

Hand Tied Bouquet

If you have a handtied bouquet the string around the stems can be left on to retain the shape. If you would like to arrange the flowers yourself this tying point should be cut off.
Cut the end of the stems with a sharp, clean knife or scissors (it is important they are clean in order to avoid any bacteria getting into the stem). Cut about 1″ (2.5cms) off the bottom of the stem at a 45 degree angle. By cutting at this angle the surface area for uptake of water is increased. This also prevents the stem lying flat on the bottom of a vase and therefore water can be taken up the stem easily.
Fill a vase three-quarters full with lukewarm water and add the flower food supplied with your bouquet.
Remove any leaves which will lie below the water level, these leaves will decompose and contaminate the water causing bacteria which will kill your flowers.


Place the vase in a cool position out of direct sunlight and away from any draughts or heating appliances. Keep the flowers away from ripening fruit as they give off a gas which can affect the vase life. Top up the water daily if required and replace with fresh water 2 to 3 times a week.

Basket and Pot Arrangements

For designs in baskets or pots make sure that the oasis does not completely dry out. To check this put your finger into the bottom of the pot/basket and you should be able to feel a small amount of water, if not the design will need to be watered.

Special Tip: If your roses are looking limp, give them a boil!

Cut the stem as above then pour about an inch of boiling water into a bucket. Place the stem directly onto the water and leave for a couple of minutes. This action does not hurt the flower, it simply clears the vessels and therefore improves the uptake of water. The roses should then be placed into fresh, clean water.

Lily Pollen

Lily pollen can stain your clothes and is hard to get out. To help avoid the pollen staining remove the pollen when the lilies first open as it will be rubbery. Should any pollen get onto your clothing or furniture lightly brush off with a soft, clean paint brush. Do not rub it or use water to remove.