Wedding Flowers
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Buds Floristry will help you to plan and realise your special day

At Buds we believe that you should pay for the flowers and not the occasion. We will come to you or meet you at your venue for a consultation – free of charge and at a time convenient for you. Buds works with you and your budget, listens to your ideas and requirements and provides suggestions whenever needed. We’ll work together with your theme to create individual and personal designs to amaze and delight.

We understand how important the details are on your wedding day, right down to matching your beautiful blooms to the napkin bows.

Wedding Traditions

Why do men wear buttonholes at weddings? Why do men wear buttonholes at weddings?

This is a  tradition which comes from Medieval times, a knight would wear his Lady’s colours as a declaration of his love. This has been translated through the ages to the groom wearing a flower in his left lapel which also appears in his bride’s bouquet.


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Why do brides carry a bouquet?

During the 15th century, people took their yearly baths in May and would generally get married in June so that they would not smell too bad!  To mask any body odours they carried a posy of flowers and herbs. This has now evolved into the elaborate (or sometimes simple) bouquets we see today.

Why do we throw confetti?

This tradition comes from ancient times when people used to throw uncooked rice or grains over a newly married couple to promote fertility. Confetti rice has now been substituted with rice paper or petals as it’s safer for the birds!